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TOPContainersby Shuzan Okuda (Oribe) ≫ 43294 Oribe-Ware Fan-Shaped Suiban (Large) by Shuzan Okuda ¥18,900(¥17,500)

No. 43294
43294 Oribe-Ware Fan-Shaped Suiban (Large) by Shuzan Okuda ¥18,900(¥17,500)
Price 18,900 yen  (17,500 yen) /piece
8% sales tax is included in the price for domestic orders and excluded from the price for international orders.
The products may vary slightly in color, drawn pattern, and size from the catalog as they are handmade.

It may take about 1 to 2 months to prepare for the order.

Shuzan Okuda
Born in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. Instructed by Ohara School 3rd Master Houn Ohara on ikebana containers. Win countless awards for Shigaraki Ceramist Exhibition at the World Ceramic Festival 1991 in Shigaraki. Receive the potter's pseudonym Shuzan by indigo dye artist Gensho Sasakura in 1995.

Extra shipping charge of 500 yen (463 yen) per item is required for the domestic order from July 1, 2014.
Size: 64 W x 22 D x 6 H (cm)