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TOPContainersRectangular Suibans ≫ 42063 New Oudoyu Rectangular Suiban ¥21,600(¥20,000)

No. 42063
42063 New Oudoyu Rectangular Suiban ¥21,600(¥20,000)
Price 21,600 yen  (20,000 yen) /piece
8% sales tax is included in the price for domestic orders and excluded from the price for international orders.
For Landscape Moribana, Rimpa style arrangment, and more

It may take about three weeks to prepare for the order.

Extra shipping charge of 500 yen (463 yen) per item is required for the domestic order from July 1, 2014.
Size: 79 W x 31 D x 7 H (cm)