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What is Certificates?

In a traditional Japanese culture such as Ikebana and Tea Ceremony, there is a long-standing practice that students receive a certificate from their teacher.  The certificate acknowledges that the student has acquired appropriate skills through the lessons.  One's skills are refined in order to achieve higher level, and this is how the traditional arts were carried on a torch.

Ohara School of Ikebana has divided the certificate into 11 levels.


You will be registered as an official Instructor of Ohara School and will be eligible to teach the students yourself after obtaining the certificate of Instructorsf Degree, which is the 5th level.

Application of the certificate is not mandatory.  However, it is the only evidence that proves the admirable skills you have acquired through the lessons.  Why not aim for the Instructorfs Degree as your first step in learning Ikebana?  The more you understand the beautiful, profound aspects of Ikebana, the more you enjoy it.

Instructors' Course Certificate

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