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The Houn Memorial Museum conserves and exhibits the folk collection of the Third Headmaster, Houn Ohara which had been collected from Peru, Mexico, Persia and India. Incidentally, the excavated textiles from Peru which account for sixty percent of his collection are considered invaluable worldwide.

The Houn Memorial Museum is opened to the public during the season of spring and autumn. Reservation is accepted in advance when it is out of season. Please visit our museum if you are ever in Kobe or Osaka.

Ohara School Kobe Office /
4-12-70, Sumiyoshi Yamate, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-0063
Tel: 078-811-0871 (Japanese)
Fax: 078-843-0244 (Japanese)
Email: international@ohararyu.or.jp (English)
Office Hours: Monday- Friday (closed on national holidays)

From Umeda Station
Take Hankyu Railway (express) for Sannomiya to Okamoto Station, then change local trains to Mikage Station.
Mikage Station is a 3-minute walk to Moribana Center.
(The express train does not stop at Mikage Station.)
Link: http://rail.hankyu.co.jp/en/root_info06.html

From Shin-Osaka Station
Take JR Kobe line to JR Sumiyoshi Station (30 min.).
Sumiyoshi Station is a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute drive.

From Shin-Kobe Station
Taxi is recommended: 20 minutes, around 2,000 yen

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